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26th to 28th of March 2019 - De Krook, Ghent - BELGIUM

9th EuNet MERYC Conference 2019

- COUNTERPOINTS OF THE SENSES. Bodily experiences in musical learning -


Wednesday 27th of October 2:30 pm

Practice Paper: "Discover your instrument by creating and composing with particular sounds".

Poster: "Improvisation for children as part of the process of music education” .


Speaker: Prof. Irene Malizia , Prof. Angelo Tatone

25th to 26th of March 2019 - Orpheus Institute, Ghent - BELGIUM

ERASMUS+ Staff Training


Staff Training in research


Prof. Irene Malizia, Prof. Angelo Tatone

13th to 15th of March 2019 - Taller de Musics, Barcelona - SPAIN

ERASMUS+ Workshop


Workshop 1: Improvisations. Different worlds in one word.

Workshop 2: "Colori e multiforme“; the composer, the teacher, the student.

Workshop 3: (Jazz-, Pop-) Ear-Training with our instrument!


Prof. Irene Malizia, Prof. Angelo Tatone

24th to 26th of October 2018 - Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo - NORWAY

AEC and CEMPE Platform for Learning and Teaching (LATIMPE)

- Becoming musicians - student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education -


Thursday 25th of October

Workshop: „Colori e multiforme“; the composer, the teacher, the student. A multidimensional collaboration in learning, teaching and composing.

Friday 26th of October

Workshop: Improvisation. Different words in one world.


Prof. Irene Malizia , Prof. Angelo Tatone

19th to 21st of October 2018 - Musikschule Neckarsulm - GERMANY


- European String Teachers Association -

National Congress for teachers and students of string instruments


Friday 19th of October at 2:45 pm

Grundsatzfragen zu Spieltechniken und Notation moderner Musik

(Basic questions about playing techniques and notation of modern music)

Saturday 20th of October at 9:30 am

Stilistische und didaktische Erarbeitung eines Stückes (Stylistic and didactic development of a piece)


Official presentation of "Colori e Multiforme" didactical DVD


Speaker: Prof. Irene Malizia

28th to 29th of June 2018 - Royal Northern College of Music - Manchester (UNITED KINGDOM)

HARP 2018

- Hur for Artistic Rsearch in Performance -


Workshop's Presentation

„Colori e multiforme“; the composer, the teacher, the student. A multidimensional collaboration in learning, teaching and composing.

Speaker: Prof. Irene Malizia


Workshop's Presentation

"Improvisation. Different worlds in one word".

Speaker: Prof. Angelo Tatone / Prof. Irene Malizia

1st to 2nd of June 2018 - Parlamento Europea di Strasburgo - FRANCE

EYE 2018

- European Youth Event -


JML Collective Ensemble

Docente e coordinatore: Prof. Angelo Tatone

Improvisation's Preformance, in cooperation betwen the Jazz/Pop department and the musical and music theater department of JAM MUSIC LAB, Vienna


Friday 1st of June at 4:00 pm

Performance in Hemicycle

Saturday 2nd of June at 12:00 am

Performance in Flower Bar

18th to 20th of May 2018 - Conservatorio "Refice" di Frosinone - ITALY



Annual meeting with representatives, organizers and Trainees of the Project "Working with Music."


Friday 18th of May

Presentation. Round Tables

Saturday 19th of May

Round Tables, Interviews

22nd to 24th of March 2018 - ESMAE Porto - PORTUGAL

EPARM Conference 2018

- European Plattform for Artistic Research -

“Playing” as a common ground for artistic research and teaching arts – reflection, knowledge and knowledge transfer.


Friday 23rd of March at 3:00 pm

Short Presentation "Artistic Research in our Institution" di Angelo Tatone

Speaker: Prof. Angelo Tatone

Saturday 24th of March at 9:30 am

"From the Sound to the Sign. From the Sign to th Sound. The musical composition as an interactive tool in the music education and as an impulse for an "alternative" teaching method"

Speaker: Prof. Irene Malizia