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Our Repetoire

The Duo Variando offers a very vast and varied repertoire, which combines classical music with the most modern repertoire.

In his program, you can also enjoy many different musical contaminations from various genres, thanks to their own arrangements.

Classical Repertoire

M. Giuliani, C. Carfagna, N. Paganini, F. Kreisler, E. Elgar,

W. A. Mozart, H. Henkel, V. Monti, A. Curci, J. Brahms u.v.m.

Tango and Spanish music Sarasate, Piazzolla, De Falla u.a.


von Bellini, Mozart, Rossini, Mascagni u.v.m.


Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti, Django Rehinald u.v.m.

Film Music

Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, John Williams u.v.m.

Entertainment music

Musetten und Wiener Musik