About Variando musica

Variando Musica was founded in 2014, by the two artists Irene Malizia and Angelo Tatone.

This music brand include all the art of the two artists, who not only propose themselves as musicians but also as composers and teachers. In the last years Variando Musica has grown a lot by offering a various musical choice through many different ensembles, carrying out intense artistic activity and international research and presenting a wide range of musical courses ranging from instrument and improvisation courses to theory, composition and early music education courses.

But what makes Variando musica and all its activities really special is the artistic background of the two founders: Irene Malizia, from the world of classical and contemporary music and Angelo Tatone, from the world of Jazz music, decided to combine their so different artistic and pedagogical skills to create a unique, fresh, innovative and complete product. This is why in every activity proposed by Variando musica you will find not only professionalism, but above all originality, passion and competence.

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy our world!

... about the founders

Musician with italian origin, Irene Malizia works in Vienna as violinist, composer and teacher. She got the Master's Degrees in Violin and in Instrumental didactic and pedagogy (Conservatorio "L. Refice" di Frosinone"), the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Composition (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien),

the teaching qualification and diploma in instrumental music education (Joseph Haydn Konservatorium) and the Postgraduate in electroacoustic composition (MDW, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien). She plays as soloist, in ensembles and in symphony orchestras. She studied violin with Beatrice Antonioni, Boriana Nakeva and Veronica Kröner (Joseph Haydn Konservatorium) and composition with Luca Salvadori, Andrea Portera, Christiam Minkowitsch and Karlheinz Essl. She is currently working on her PhD research project on “Composing music as learning tool in Instrumental music education” at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (KUG), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Silke Kruse-Weber (KUG), Prof. Dr. Gary McPherson (University of Melbourne) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rüdiger (Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsserdorf).

She teach violin, composition, music theory courses as well as special music reative courses for childrens and at Variando musica as well as assistant teacher Veronica Kröner's violin class at the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium in Eisenstadt. She is very involved with educational projects for violin and composition with children and students, as well in musical and didactic research. Her projects have already been presented in many European Platforms like EPARM (Porto), HARP (Manchester), ESTA (Neckarsulm), CEMPE (Oslo), in form of presentations and/or workshops.

Angelo Tatone studied Jazz/Pop guitar in L'Aquila, Frosinone, Rome, Vienna and Eisenstadt. He completed Bachelor and Master studies in Jazz guitar (with emphasis on improvisation, composition and arrangement) and both diplomas in the artistic major and IGP (Instrumental and vocal pedagogy) with classical guitar as second instrument.
He is active at home and abroad in various formations and leads workshops in some of the most famous institutions in Europe.