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Variando musica: about us

Variando musica was born in 2014 from a “musical meeting” between the two artists Irene Malizia and Angelo Tatone. With their passion for teaching, for the transmission of musical knowledge but above all with fun in collaborating and teaching, they decide to create a very varied and innovative "itinerant" musical school, such as music group. The "Variando" logo describes what the two musicians want to offer through music. Variando musica aims to bring children closer to musical studies but also to improve knowledge ans skills in music experience, not only for children but to everyone.

Through workshops, lectures, concerts, annual courses (individual and collective courses as well as short intensive courses of few days) and many more, Variando music try to bring everywhere a different way to make and to learn music. Still in the didactic field the two musicians write their own compositions and arrangements that they propose in their courses and concerts. Several compositions have been awarded in some competitions and some pieces by Irene Malizia have been published by some of the best known European music publishing houses (Doblinger of Vienna, Sconfinarte).

Toghter with the passion for didactical activities, both artists are daily busy in concerts and artistic activities: appearances on TV o Radio, collaborations for theater and film music, solo concerts, chamber music in various formations, jazz, pop, rock and tour concerts with several European symphonic orchestras.


Duo Variando

Irene Malizia

Angelo Tatone