Duo Variando-Music for Residences
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Music for residences and houses for rest

We from Duo Variando knows, that music has no age limits!


There are many music lovers who are housed in dormitories.


The DUO VARIANDO (Violin and Guitar) brings them musical moments, while the seniors can have fun, joy. You can always experience the best memories of life through music.

The Duo Variando has many different and suitable concert’s programs for residential homes, which have been put together by a lot of experience in the field in recent years. The duo has been playing in the houses for years as well as in the pensioners clubs, all around in Vienna and outside.


The concerts will be moderated by the duo and there will be a cultural and musical adventure, because the two musicians are always going to tell some little stories about the musical pieces and the relative composers.


Book us for a concert in your home! We will be happy to design a suitable concert‘s program for you!

You are welcome to view our program suggestions, or to tell us your desire programm.