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Irene Malizia

Angelo Tatone

variando musica soundcloud


Improvisation. Different Worlds in One Word!

The Colors of Spanish Music, Tango and Jazz

A romantic wedding

Kirchenlieder & Jazz - Trailer

Jazz meets Bach - Trailer

Einen Augenblick auf unsere Didaktik

A musical Journey trough Europe

Music for you events - musical extracts

J. S. Bach, Siciliano (Sonata for Flute and Harpisochrd, BWV 1031)

Irene Malizia, Violin - Angelo Tatone, Guitar - Live Recording

IRENE MALIZIA - Violinist, composer, teacher

COLORI E MULTIFORME educationl DVD - Trailer

F. I. Biber, Sonata Representativa

Irene Malizia, Violine - Live Recording

J. S. Bach, Preludio (aus Partita Nr. 3 BWV 1006)

Irene Malizia, Violine - Live Recording

Irene Malizia, Metamorfosi di una stella

Violine, Cello, Klavier - Live Recording

Irene Malizia, Con la mente nel mare

Saxophonequartett - Live Recording

Irene Malizia, Interferenze

Akkordeon und Elektronik - Live Recording

The Musical Composition in the Early Music Education

F. Fiorillo, Capriccio Nr. 28

Irene Malizia, Violine - Live Recording

J. S. Bach, Sarabanda (aus Partita Nr. 2 BWV 1004)

Irene Malizia, Violine - Live Recording

Irene Malizia, Reminescence

Ensemble - Live Recordig

Irene Malizia, Araneum

Sola Harfe - Live Recording

Irene Malizia, Childhood

Ensemble, Video und Live Elektronik - Live Recording

ANGELO TATONE - Guitarrist, composer, teacher

(A)-Tonale - Angelo Tatone 

feat. Special Guests Rosario Giuliani and Irene Malizia

Angelo Tatone, Guitarrist

Study coordinator Mr. Angelo Tatone talks about studying Jazz and Popular Music at JAM MUSIC LAB

Christmas Coming  (.mp3)

Original tune recorded 10 dec 2014 in MD studio Sopron Hungary

Music&arrangement Zoltan Migovics

Angelo Tatone-guitar

Zoltan Migovics-accordion

Angelo Tatone

EYE 2018 - Laboratory for Music Research/ Interdisciplinary Performance

Angelo Tatone

Etude Simples VI - Leo Brower