Colori e Multiforme

5 Pieces for Solo Violin, of increasing Difficulty, with special Violin Technique Explanations and Preparatory Exercises


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Composer’s preface

When my professor, Veronica Kröner, asked me to write solo violin pieces for her students I felt very flattered. The idea to compose contemporary music for young people immediately appealed to me. My first question was – how can I broaden the

technical skills of the students with interesting, but at the same time fun pieces? The first step was to prepare concrete “ingredients” for my compositions, just as a baker does for his cake.

The “cake” was to consist of individual compositions for the students, garnished with the challenge to additionally convey contemporary playing techniques. I have attempted to write the pieces for each of the five students in such a manner that their technical capacities are stimulated by a bit of “pepper” whilst their interpretative personality is enhanced and encouraged.

Another ingredient was the “contemporary element” based upon musical ideas. As a violinist and violin teacher I know from my own experience how difficult it is to find pieces with experimental violin techniques and new musical idioms written for young people. It was delightful to create the present compositions in close exchange with Veronica Kröner. It is enormously important to both of us that young players get the opportunity already during the early years of their studies to enhance their technical knowledge of the instrument and to interest them in a musical language with new forms and sounds.

I wish all violinists, students and amateur musicians much curiosity and openness for new forms and sounds in exploring my musical language. I hope they will find much pleasure in performing these pieces. Have fun!

Educational DVD

Auf Deutsch

In italiano

In english

- Practical Examples about experimental composition.

- "colori e multiforme", the 5 compositions played live by pupils and students.

- Examples, lessons, exercises and explanations about the used contemporary violin techniques.

- Interviews and discussions between composer, tacher and players.