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Did you ever try online lessons?

Variando musica offers online music lessons through many plattforms such as Zoom, Google Classroom and many others.
In our online school, you can discover and take part in many kind of courses, from everywhere you want to be: in the train, at home, in the office... This is a very practical way for having a flexible schedule. You can learn an instrument, improvisation, composition and even more music theory subjects through interactive whiteboard, music softwares and other digital tools.

Click on "start now" in order to send us a non-binding pre-registration. Afterwards you will receive further information from us about how to join our courses.

What you need to participate to the online courses:

  • Computer, Tablet or Smartphone (depending on the courses) including video camera, microphone and speakers.
  • Stable internet connection.

What Variando musica offers you through online learning:

About courses structure and organization

  • Lessons in three languages (English, German, Italian).
  • Flexibility in the organization of the lessons calendar, with flexible schedule.
  • Possibility to choose the number of lessons in the semester.
  • Possibility to join semestral courses and/or crash courses online, through different plattforms.
  • No extra annual registration fee. Just pay courses you book. 

About didactics

  • Possibility to combine different music styles.
  • Creative learning method, combining composition and improvisation with the instrumental practice.
  • Inputs for music theory and ear-training in the instrumental lessons.
  • Personalized learning programs, taking care of their individual learning needs.

About teachers' references 

  • Many years of teaching experience.
  • International qualifications, from early to higher music education.
  • Intense international concert and composing activities.