Composition for children/teenagers
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Experimental Composition

(Composition and musical and/or instrumental improvisation for children and teenagers)

Who said that to write music you need years of study?

Who said that the composition is a difficul discipline just for few people?

Why could not even a child write music?

To all these questions we will try to answer through our course/laboratory of experimental composition. As a child can learns to draw, to read, to write ... so he can really learn in a few steps to write music.

The experimental composition course aims to introduce children and young people towards musical creation through conventional languages ​​(the musical alphabet we all know) and unconventional languages (graphic symbols, letters, drawings, shapes, gestures and more).

The child will be free to experiment and improvise various types of sounds, rhythms, effects and colors using his body or commonly used objects as an instrument, even various musical instruments.

The composition is a very important aspect not only in music education but also in the instrumental field. Creating music becomes easier to understand how to play, how to listen, how to think ...

Would you like to "ear" the sounds of a a drawing, a word, a gesture, an image?

Would you like to learn how to tell musical stories?

Would you like to learn how to compose music?

Come and discover with us how it's done!