Ensemble Music
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Ensemble Music for strings and guitars

"Team work" is an important aspect in the society. Since we were children, each of us has learned, through school experience, to cooperate with other children an to be part of a group, sharing different aspects of their life and their personality.

Our ensemble music courses aim to bring students closer to each other by playing in a group. This is because the learning of an instrument is made by individual lessons (where the student focuses only on himself and his goals), and moments of group lessons in which more students play together, giving everyone the own contribution in learning and playing. Playing together develops musicality, enhances musical understanding, improves individual technique, enhances socialization among children ... and is also interesting and fun.

Our ensemble music courses are designed for groups of strings (violins, violas and cellos) and for groups of guitars (both custiche and electric), but also for mixed group with strings and guitars, in order to have group experiences by playing together and creating new colors.

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