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Our Music Courses

Irene Malizia and Angelo Tatone have for years been active in the field of teaching and musical pedagogy. The educational bases of Variando are based on the conviction of the importance of music in the form of each individual, from the smallest to adults and on the purely creative aspect of the music itself.

Their courses as well as the workshops are aimed at strengthening the critical and creative spirit of the student, through lessons and laboratories of various kinds. The lessons are not only individual but integrate laboratories, composition projects, class concerts and much more.

All the COURSES they propose have a duration and an annual expiry with weekly lessons and are aimed at those who intend to study one or more disciplines in a systematic and continuous way.

WORKSHOPS, on the other hand, are shorter and can be concentrated in just one week or last a full semester. The purpose of the workshops is to address more than one subject through a full immersion. The courses, as well as the workshops, are divided and grouped by educational area.

Musiksaal, Minoritenkirche
Musiksaal, Minoritenkirche
Minoritenkirche, Wien 1010
Minoritenkirche, Wien 1010
Kurse Flyer
Kurse Flyer

Our SPECIAL COURSES include the possibility of choosing online lessons via Skype, as well as specific courses for university and conservatory students who need to prepare for exams or who need a little help to follow or recover some subjects.


Violin lessons (from 5 years)

Guitar lessons (from 5 years)

Ensemble and chamber music for strings and guitars

Early Music Education (from children from 5 years old)

Free Composition (for children and teenagers)

Music Composition

Solfeggio and Ear-Training

(Classic and Jazz)

Teoria musicale (Classica e Jazz)

Music Harmony (Classic and Jazz)




Ensemble and chamber music for string and guitars (all ages)

Painting and music composition

Composition with and without instrument (for children and teenagers)

Composition wokrshop

Improvisation workshop

For details regarding our workshops, send us a

Special Courses


Preparation for exames

Coaching for university and conservatory students