Music Theory and Harmony
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Music Theory and Harmony

(Classic and Jazz)

Each language has its syntactic, grammatical, phonetic and structural rules that distinguish it from another. To learn how to speak a language well, we need to know not only the alphabet but also the rules that organize the phonemes of that alphabet within words or periods in logical sense.

In music it is not different. Even the music has its "alphabet" and therefore its rules and forms to use this "alphabet" and thus give life to melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, timbric lines ...

Our course of theory and musical harmony presents you the musical alphabet and explains to you how it is formed and how you can use it. We will explain what is rhythm, harmony, melody. What are the intervals and chords and how to use them to create music, according to established rules.

Through the study of harmony and musical theory you will also be more aware of what you are playing, because you will be able to analyze "grammatically" and "syntactically" the musical material that you are playing.

The course is also aimed at those who have to prepare exams or admissions in the Conservatory or to those who need a little help to understand better this subject.