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The artist Irene Malizia is also involved since several years on musical painting and graphic representations. She create painted glasses, engravings and graphic drawings with musical themes, in which she also present her own compositions.

The idea of ​​combining music and painting came by chance. In September 2014, together with guitarist Angelo Tatone, she founded the musical brand Variando musica, with which the two musicians perform various music projects (concerts, instrumental workshops, composition and improvisation workshops, etc.). After experimenting with the creation of the logo for Variando musica, she began to "manipulate" the musical elements and combine her musical compositions with graphics and colors. This is how the first graphic ideas of PaintingMusic were created.

PaintingMusic is, as the word itself says, the "painting of music", the graphic and visual realization of the elements of the musical language. The goal is to contextualize its language in different contexts. Each object is linked to a category and a specific topic. The music used and engraved on each piece is composed by Irene Malizia and represents excerpts of the compositions and musical interpretation in a graphic language. The pictures are all created by Irene Malizia as well.

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