Angelo Tatone Jazz Band
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Angelo Tatone Jazz Band

The Band members

Irene Malizia Violine Maestoso Streichquartett

Angelo Tatone, Electric Guitar

Angelo Tatone studied Jazz/Pop guitar in L'Aquila, Frosinone, Rome, Vienna and Eisenstadt. He completed Bachelor and Master studies in Jazz guitar (with emphasis on improvisation, composition and arrangement) and both diplomas in the artistic major and IGP (Instrumental and vocal pedagogy) with classical guitar as second instrument.
He is active at home and abroad in various formations and leads workshops in some of the most famous institutions in Europe. He also teaches at the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University and at the International Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he also acts as study advisor for the Jazz/Pop department and as Erasmus+ coordinator.

Thomas Milacher lives and works as a professional bass player in Vienna. He completed the concert studies master's degree in jazz double bass at the MUK and the IGP bachelor's degree at the MDW. He is currently playing in some projects of the Viennese jazz and pop scene and works privately as a bass teacher.

Lili Holetschek Violine Maestoso Streichquartett

Thomas Milacher, Double Bass and Electric Bass

Chazaal Fallahi Viola Maestoso Streichquartett

Thomas Gindl, Drums

Thomas Gindl studied percussion at the Konservatorium Wien private university with Walter Grassmann and at the Gustav Mahler Konservatorium Wien.
He also attended numerous workshops and further education courses in the fields of rock/pop, musicals, brass band music, jazz/big band and dance and mood music.
Currently he is active in various formations and teaches drums.