Irene Malizia, BA, MA, MA, MA

Violinist, Composer, Teacher, Researcher

Teaching fields: 

  • Classical and contemporary violin;
  • Classical and contemporary composition;
  • Classical Ear-Training, Music Theory, Harmony and Counterpoint;
  • Composition and Improvisation;
  • Early Music Education;
  • Creative learning.

Musician with italian origin, Irene Malizia works in Vienna as violinist, composer and teacher. After her studies in violin and instrumental pedagogy in Italy, she moved to Austria to continue the studies for violin and pedagogy at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory (Eisenstadt) and to study composition at the Private University of Music and Performing Arts (MUK) and electroacoustic composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts (MDW) in Vienna. Specialized in creative methodology in instrumental teaching, she is currently working on her PhD research project on "Composing music as learning tool in Instrumental education" at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (KUG), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Silke Kruse-Weber (KUG), Prof. Dr. Gary McPherson (University of Melbourne) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rüdiger (Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsserdorf).

In the year 2014 she founded, together with the guitarist Angelo Tatone, the musical brand Variando musica, which promotes their artistic and educational activities, in collaboration with international artists and teachers. As violin player, she plays as soloist and in symphony orchestras as well as in various ensemble such as Duo Variando (co-founded with Angelo Tatone in the year 2014) and the String Quartett Maestoso Streichquartett (founded in the year 2019). As composer she has a lot of performances and she work in collaboration with the Doblinger publishing house. Alongside her artistic activity, Irene Malizia is also very involved in teaching activities, in early as well in higher education. She is assistant teacher of Violin in Joseph Haydn Conservatory. She is as violin teacher specialized in early education and she leads many educational projects for violin and composition with children, teenagers and students. Her educational projects have already been presented in many European Platforms.

Angelo Tatone, BA, MA

Guitarist, Composer, Teacher

Teaching fields: 

  • Classical, Electric, Jazz Guitar: Classical, Fingerstyle, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin
  • Jazz/Pop/Blues Improvisation;
  • Jazz/Pop Composition and Arrangement;
  • Jazz/Pop Ear-Training, Music Theory and Harmony.

Angelo Tatone graduated with a master degree in jazz guitar and a bachelor degree in jazz music (improvising, composing and arranging), both with Honour. Furthermore he graduated with both artistic and pedagogical diplomas in jazz & pop guitar. During his studies he took part in the Erasmus program and in the WWM (Working With Music). He is currently based in Vienna where he teaches guitar in many schools. He plays in many ensembles and orchestrasand is leader of the Angelo Tatone Jazz Band. He founded Variando Musica and Duo Variando together with Irene Malizia. Heis active as musician, composer and arrangerand in this context he worked together with some of the greatest jazz players like Walter Blanding, Rosario Giuliani, Oz Noy and many others.

His research projects have already been presented in many European Platforms like EPARM 2018 (Porto), HARP 2018 (Manchester), EYE 2018 at the European Parliament (Strasbourg), CEMPE 2018 (Oslo), in form of presentations and/or workshops.