from 5 years

Classic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar (Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Latin, Funk and more)

Teacher:  Angelo Tatone

Why learn to play guitar?

The guitar is a 100% versatile instrument. It is open to all genres, and is also easy to transport. You can accompany songs by singing while spending time with friends or you can undertake a more specific study. Playing the guitar means accompanying songs with acoustic guitar or joining a Rock or Blues band or even Jazz ...

You can learn to play the solos and riffs of your favorite guitarists. Besides all this with the guitar you can and you have the chance to get closer to the music. This means that in addition to learning the basics of the theory you can also acquire the tools to be able to compose music on your own. All that, through your guitar.

Come and discover this tool with a trial lesson! I wait for you!