Intensive courses for pupils and students, also for preparing tests and (admission) exams. 

Crash Courses

Difficulties with music theory?

Harmony seems to be too complicate?

Do you want to improve your ear skills?

Variando musica is here to help you!

The musical ear is one of the fundamental elements that every musician must absolutely have. Somebody thinks, that if you don't have a good musical ear from birth, you cannot learn it. Actually, the ear should be "woken up" and subsequently "trained", like any other part of the body.

In our course of Ear Training, we will try to help you to "wake up" your ear and to "train" your music listening. If you decide to enjoy us in our course, we will do togheter some special exercise and you will learn to recognize intervals, melodies, rhythms, chords, tones ... only by listening.

We will also teach you to sing the sound, because singing is the most direct experience we can have to train our ears to a perfect intonation.

Also recognizing and repeat some rhythms is part of the rhythmic education of the ear. You will learn rhythm also with some excercise with body percussion, because the body is the simplest and most effective way to learn it.

The Ear Training course is closely linked to the course of Solfeggio, where we will prepare you for the entrance exams in schools, conservatories and universities (Solfeggio examinations in Italy and Gehörbildung examinations in Austria) and where you will have more possibilities to get more in practical detail with the song of melodies and rhythms, inserted in wider musical contexts.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to train your "musical ear" now?

Classic & Jazz/Pop

Teachers:  Irene Malizia & Angelo Tatone


Each language has its syntactic, grammatical, phonetic and structural rules that distinguish it from another. To learn how to speak a language well, we need to know not only the alphabet but also the rules that organize the phonemes of that alphabet within words or periods in logical sense.

In music it is not different. Even the music has its "alphabet" and therefore its rules and forms to use this "alphabet" and thus give life to melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, timbric lines ...

Our course of theory and musical harmony presents you the musical alphabet and explains to you how it is formed and how you can use it. We will explain what is rhythm, harmony, melody. What are the intervals and chords and how to use them to create music, according to established rules.

Through the study of harmony and musical theory you will also be more aware of what you are playing, because you will be able to analyze "grammatically" and "syntactically" the musical material that you are playing.

The course is also aimed at those who have to prepare exams or admissions in the Conservatory/University or to those who need a little help to understand better this subject.

Classic & Jazz/Pop

Teachers:  Irene Malizia & Angelo Tatone

Music Theory & Harmony

What Variando musica offers you through crash courses:

About courses structure and organization

  • Lessons in three languages (English, German, Italian).
  • Flexibility in the organization of the lessons calendar, with flexible schedule.
  • Possibility to choose the number of lessons in the semester.
  • Possibility to join the courses online, through different plattforms, or at school.
  • Crash courses for various theory subjects in order to help learners to pass tests in schools or universities.
  • No extra annual registration fee. Just pay courses or workshops you book. 

About didactics

  • Possibility to combine different music styles.
  • Personalized learning programs, from children to older learners, taking care of their individual learning needs.

About teachers' references 

  • Many years of teaching experience.
  • International qualifications, from early to higher music education.
  • Intense international concert and composing activities.