Irene Malizia & Angelo Tatone

Variando musica


Next Concerts:

27th of April, Duo Variando (Vienna)

4th of May, Duo Variando (Vienna)

5th of May, Duo Variando (Vienna)

6th of May, Duo Variando (Vienna)

12th of May, Duo Variando (Vienna)

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Angelo Tatone


The new DVD of Angelo Tatone "Artists Across The World" is out! With his own composition and many international special guests.

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DVD Artists Across The World2

The events of the past few months due to the spread of Covid-19 have significantly affected the art and music branche.

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5 Pieces for solo Violin with increasing difficulty.

Practical Examples; Lessons; Exercises and


The 5 compositions played live by pupils and students.

Interviews and discussions between composer, tacher and players.


(A)-Tonale - Angelo Tatone

feat. speciale Guest Rosario Giuliani and Irene Malizia

EYE 2018 - Laboratory for Music Research/Interdisciplinary Performance

Improvisation. Different Worlds in One Word!

Angelo Tatone Jazz Trio

 Cold Duck Time

Benedetto Marcello, Concerto à 5, Op 11, No. 4

arranged for 4 violins by Irene Malizia

COLORI E MULTIFORME didaktische DVD - Trailer

NEUE CD von VARIANDO MUSICA jetzt erhältlich!

Maestoso Streichquartett - Enyoing the Rehearsal

W. A. Mozart, Divertimento in D, Presto