Play Violin!

from 4 years

Teacher:  Irene Malizia

Music is for everyone! Each of us should get closer to the music by living it and making it part of our life and the best way to do it is to learn to play an instrument. Listening to a melody that strikes us is beautiful but what is more gratifying than learning to play it?

Playing is beautiful, playing is formative, playing is creative ... playing is for everyone, from adults to children. Why choose the violin? Because it is a tool that never ceases to surprise you ... because every day will give you the joy of exploring its sound possibilities ... because it is both a melodic and a harmonic instrument ... because with strings instruments you have endless possibilities of notes and colors ... because with him you will never get bored ... and for many other reasons. During the violin course you will not only learn to play but you will also learn to listen.

You will not only play composed music but you will learn to write it for yourself. You won't have to know how to read the notes to play them, you can start playing just using your ear faculties. This and much more awaits you in my Violin Course.

Don't miss this opportunity, sign up and try the joy of learning to play a magic instrument like the violin.

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